Air Duct Cleaning Services

What’s in your air?

Champion Carpet knows that Indoor air quality has become a major issue in today’s health awareness especially living in the Denver Metro area. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside U.S. homes may be two to five times more unsafe than outdoor air, and in some cases as much as 100 times more outdoor pollution.Most of the dust at your residence contains mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen and animal dander. These dangerous pollutants travel through the air, and can antagonize breathing problems like allergies and asthma. Air conditioning and ventilation systems in homes and businesses are known breeding areas for contaminants like molds, fungus, and bacteria. Surface cleaning alone is useless on dirty, clogged air ducts. Dust, bacteria, and other debris continue to buildup-ready to extract back into your home or office.

Home and Commercial Service

Get you appointment scheduled with Champion today to improve your indoor air quality for residential or commercial air duct cleaning. Ease your mind and enjoy allyour health benefits of breathing clean, contaminated-free air. In the beginning: It is important to be absolutely sure there are accumulated contaminants in the air ducts before you decide to get them cleaned by an air duct cleaning service.Air ducts should be cleaned only when necessary.
On average, air duct cleaning should be cleaned at least every 1 to 3 years, especially the closer to the mountains you are.

A Champion way to get your Air Duct’s flowing

While air duct cleaning technique varies among the various air duct cleaning services, there are only a few basic steps. Champion will thoroughly clean and disinfect all air vents as a standard part of the process. We will use our powerful equipment to create a back flow, or reverse airflow, throughout the duct system. This is the reason why air duct cleaning equipment used must have strong suction power and an equally strong blower power, especially in small spaces where technicians cannot enter and provide manual cleaning. The super strong air flow will actually dislodge and force out all debris. The process is loud and intrusive, but if you believe that removing air pollutant particles will control health – allergy, asthma, breathing problems, children and elderly environment conditions, a little discomfort is worth it.