When's the Last Time Your Office Had the Upholstery Cleaned?

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When's the Last Time Your Office Had the Upholstery Cleaned?

As a business owner or manager, you do your best to attend to the details that keep your office healthy and comfortable for both employees and customers. Windows cleanedcheck. Floors cleanedcheck. Bathrooms cleanedcheck. Upholstery cleanedoops! Yes, its likely that youve overlooked that one important detailoffice upholstery cleaning. In fact, when was the last time you had that done? If its been over a year, then you should put that at the top of the to-do list. You probably havent given it much thought, but your office furniture... Read More

Champion Mom: The Lowdown on Family Chores

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Champion Mom: The Lowdown on Family Chores

The Lowdown on Family Chores Parents know that finding the best way to motivate their kids to do chores can be difficult. It can also be hard to figure out age-appropriate chores for the little ones. If you look online, you can find a lot of different ways to motivate kids and keep it fun. Chore charts are only limited by your imagination! You can make a chart like one of the ones below, go online for how to videos, or create one of your own. It is best to keep them simple and fun so the kids can understand and enjoy using the... Read More

Upholstery Cleaning Services

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Types of Upholstery We Clean We Clean Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Stuffed Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Ottomans, Car Van Interiors, Any Fabric or Leather Furniture. Specifically:  - Silk  - Polished Cotton - Haitian Cotton  - Velvet  - Synthetic Fabrics  - Blends  - And More  How We Clean Upholstery 1.   Pre-inspect for type of material, material condition, colorfastness, stains, and overall soiling to achieve best cleaning results. 2.  ... Read More