Champion Clean: Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist for 2019

By: bchauveau Monday November 25, 2019 comments

Champion Clean: Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist for 2019

Everywhere you go, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This year, chances are you will have a slew of family and friends coming to visit you. Whether you like it or not, your home will be on display and that means you want to put your best foot forward in appearance. (If for no other reason than so you dont have to endure catty comments from your snooty aunt that you only see once a year.) Obviously, the biggest area that people are going to notice about your home is the flooring. To make sure that you are ready, heres a... Read More

Champion Mom: Teaching Your Children Gratitude Practices

By: bchauveau Monday November 18, 2019 comments

If you watch the news for about five minutes, you will probably hear a story of youth gone wild kids who are out of control and disrespectful. No one wants that to be their child and many of us are committed to ensuring that our kids are taught properly about how to behave so they can be productive adults in the future. One of the best ways you can teach your child now is to instill gratitude practices in them. Instead of feeling as if they are entitled to anything and everything, show them how to be grateful for what they have. ... Read More

Commercial Cleaning: Tackling Rock Salt in Your Commercial Carpets

By: bchauveau Monday November 11, 2019 comments

If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of snow, then you probably already know how bad the winter can be for your carpeting. Its not so much the snow itself that causes the problem. Its the rock salt compound that is used to melt the ice and snow from roadways that can be the true pain. Unfortunately, many people tend to treat these stains as they would any other and when they do, it actually causes more problems, including damage to the carpet. So, heres what you need to know about how to prevent these stains in... Read More

Champion Mom: Switching from Gift Giving to Making Memories This Holiday Season

By: bchauveau Monday November 4, 2019 comments

Ever since we first saw the Charlie Brown Christmas special, we realized that the holiday season had been taken over by crass commercialism. In 2017, consumers spent over $720 billion on gifts during this time of year . On average, thats over $1000 per person in this country! We talk about fixing the problem, but most of us are hesitant to try. Thats why this year we are encouraging families to switch from gift giving to making memories this holiday season. Sit back and think about your favorite Christmas memories. Were willing to... Read More

Carpet Care: Holidays Are Here! Does Your Tile Floor Pass the White Sock Test?

By: bchauveau Monday October 28, 2019 comments

When choosing the flooring for home or office, many people elect to go with a hard-wood stylebe it wood, tile, or laminatebecause of its durability and the relative ease with which you can clean it. However, as you are getting ready for the holiday season, both your home and business are going to be getting more and more traffic from family, friends, and customers. But just how clean are your floors? Are they clean enough to pass the white sock test? Lets see what you can do to make them even cleaner. If you have ever looked at... Read More

Champion Mom: How to Be a More Relaxed Parent

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There are a lot of books and advice out there on the dos and donts of being a good parent. But one of the biggest things everyone agrees on is that losing your temper with your child can be a bad thing. But thats often easier said than done. No one wants to lose their cool and start yelling in front of their kids, but sometimes the stress just reaches a boiling point. One of the best things you can do is learn to be a relaxed parent. This doesnt mean youre going to be a slacker that lets your child get away with everything. It just... Read More

Commercial Cleaning: Could Your Commercial Facility Use Carpet Padding?

By: bchauveau Monday October 14, 2019 comments

If you run a commercial facility, oftentimes you look for the most basic options you can as a cost-cutting measure. When people use a Do-It-Yourself flooring job, they sometimes skimp on the padding underneath. This can be a mistake because there are almost as many benefits to carpet padding as there are types of padding. So, lets look at some of the reasons why you may want to add carpet padding to your commercial flooring plan: Support for your employees If you have employees who stand for a long time on their feet, such as... Read More

Champion Mom: Halloween Fun Without All the Sugar

By: bchauveau Monday October 7, 2019 comments

If you have kids, then you know how much they love Halloween. The whole concept of dressing up in crazy costumes and chowing down on candy can be pure heaven for a child. But for you, the idea of that kind of a sugar rush can be just as scary as the monsters and ghouls that the kids dress up as. Instead of loading up on sugar this year, here are suggestions for Halloween activities without all of the sugar: Pumpkin Carving This is a time-honored tradition that you can do on Halloween night instead of trick-or-treating.... Read More

Carpet Care: Scary Carpet Cleaning Myths You Need to Know

By: bchauveau Monday September 30, 2019 comments

One of the beauties of the Internet is the fact that you can find out information on almost anything. Unfortunately, this also means you can get bombarded with a lot of misinformation that can cause you problems. Myths about carpet cleaning abound on the web. There are several stories out there about home remedies for carpet stains and other care tips that can actually not only do nothing, but in some cases, it can damage your flooring. Here are some of the most common myths that you need to know about carpet care: ... Read More

Champion Mom: Boosting Your Kiddo's Immune System

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You know the scene: you visit your childs school or go to pick them up one day. While there, you see another child (or several of them) with runny noses theyre wiping on their sleeves, sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths. The germs that get spread around some classrooms can be so disturbing that you would want to bathe in hand sanitizer. But if youre worried about your child catching something from the germs at school, here are some tips on how to boost your kids immune system: Sleep The first thing you... Read More