What Is the Best Way to Clean Tile Floors?

By: christineh Monday September 10, 2018 comments

It goes without saying that we want our business to look its best when a customer walks through the door. Like it or not, within the first few seconds of entering, your customers are judging you based on the cleanliness and dcor of your business space. If your tile floors are dull or dirty, then clients are going to have a negative view of the quality of your company. The easiest way to fix this is with a professional cleaning crew that can come in regularly and gets them shining bright and clean. But in the meantime, to keep them... Read More

Should You Have Your Tile & Grout Professional Cleaned?

By: christineh Wednesday November 8, 2017 comments

Should You Have Your Tile & Grout Professional Cleaned?

Your tile works hard. It gets stepped on, covered with sticky stuff, and scratched with sand and dirt. And thats on a good day. Over time, the grout darkens, and the surface loses its luster. To make matters worse, even when you get down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, cleaner, and lots of elbow grease, it just never looks clean. Fortunately, you can bring that tile back to looking good as new by having it cleaned by a professional. There are good reasons why the professional tile cleaners get results that you cant... Read More